SIO2 v2.x
SIO2 Engine

SIO2 is a cross platform OpenGLES based 2D/3D Game Engine for the next generation of mobile devices such as iPhone 4G, iPad, iPod Touch and also provide emulation of iDevice(s) on Microsoft Windows and programming support via XCode and Visual C++.


What's new in [ v2.x ]

  • Complete reconstruction of the framework core and internals for better performance, flexibility and scalability.
  • Camera & Lamp now export user properties & scripts.
  • sio2SocketConnect can now do domain resolution.
  • New SIO2url (download stream from HTTP).
  • LUA support improvements.
  • LUA now only load the default module, math and SIO2. (smaller memory footprint).
  • SIO2script improvements and flexibility.
  • Add SIO2_UPDATE_SOUND_SOURCE to specify wether or not the FX sound source of an object should be updated.
  • Bullet 2.77
  • Independent sound radius for FX sound on a per object basis.
  • sio2ResourceCancelEvents, make the event dispatcher stop processing events.
  • New Touch Tracking system and handlers.
  • Memory fragmentation optimization.
  • Memory footprint optimization.
  • Drastic speed improvement of resource and memory management.
  • Now all channel starting from the third in blender are for sounds (up to 8 sounds per material).
  • Now export and support ALL Blender physic constraints.
  • PVRTC native support & Blender integration. (cannot analyze texture update, will compress the texture multiple times)
  • SIO2emitter optimization and bug fix.
  • Native 16 bits texture support. ( 4444, 565, 5551 )
  • New LUA helper integration directly in interface file (sio2.i).
  • Huge improvements of SIO2socket.
  • New SIO2framebuffer to create effect from the color buffer & stencil. (both 16 & 32 bits).
  • Get rid of sio2MapBuffer and use glBufferSubData (faster for animation, soft body, particles etc...).
  • Free object buffer & vertexgroup data on demand.
  • All machine state are now handle by SIO2state. (no redundant calls).
  • Drastic CPU and GPU calls optimization + leaks fixes.
  • SIO2object and SIO2vertexgroup buffer should now be freed independently (more flexible). Or use sio2ResourceFreeAllBuffers.
  • SIO2world, export the world data: Gravity, Mist, Scene size, Scene Pivot, background image, ambient color etc...
  • Exporter automatically convert quads to triangles, remove doubles have to be done manually as it deform the geometry in some cases.
  • SIO2image will automatically resize non-pow of 2 before generating the ID.
  • SIO2 will automatically resize the scale of the physic object. No need for CTRL+A in Blender for dynamic object(s).
  • Vertex color alpha can now be exported by creating a second color layer using the color value of that layer for alpha.
  • Major improvements in Bullet performance at the cost of precision.
  • Independent IPO matrix curve.
  • Kinematic physic object integration.
  • New SIO2atlas for texture atlas UV calculations.
  • New SIO2widget implementation. (alot faster but only 2D, no rotation)
  • New SIO2sprite, basically similar as the old SIO2widget, slower than SIO2widget but can do 2D or 3D and include rotation.
  • No need to initialize the SIO2widget -> SIO2sprite system anymore, the first entry will initialize it.
  • New font system that allows 2D or 3D rendering with multi texturing custom rotation, scale, color on a per character or string basis.
  • New sio2ImageRotate function.
  • New SoftBody interface, with constraints and IPO support (force).
  • Native MD2 support for keyframe animation using dynamic VBO with static element indices.
  • Native MD5 support for skeletal animation using dynamic VBO with static element indices.
  • New SIO2 extension mechanism, that allow user to enable or disablble current/new extension to be used with SIO2.
  • In 16bits texture mode, you can force the SIO2image / SIO2video to be treated as a 5551 or 565 by including the tag in the SIO2image name. ex: floor_5551.tga or floor_565.tga
  • Physic triangle mesh is now avoiding degenerated triangles and can now safely be used with the triangle strip optimizer.
  • Exporter is now supporting relative texture path.
  • The orientation of the screen can now be set in degree as a parameter to the sio2Perspective function (for 3D) and sio2WindowEnter2D (for 2D).
  • New SIO2debug draw for objects, lamps, emitter, widgets, sprites, camera, physic etc...
  • Camera can now be exported as ortho, perspective should be set with sio2Ortho.
  • Improvement in SIO2video performance up to 4x. And OGV can now be exported using the exporter.
  • SIO2video color key.
  • Many bug fixes, and many overall improvements of the framework (can't list them all here, there's too many)
  • Integration of Recast and Detour with SIO2navigation for pathfinding and other navigation functionalities for AI or?
  • Correctly clipped elements with a parent SIO2transform matrix.
  • A brand new SDK with all new tutorials.
  • Native support to code SIO2 application with VC++, and full WIN32 support.
  • SIO2 Simulator for Microsoft Windows.
  • New API documentation.
  • New Blender exporter manual.
  • New Parent / Child system.w
  • New Camera transformation system.
  • New SIO2transform system, easier to handle and to deal with parenting and allow to have global IPO on all transformation.
  • SIO2object VBO buffer now support GL_FIXED or GL_FLOAT (sio2ObjectFloatToFixed).
  • New SIO2hull to do the bridge between SIO2object and soft body as well as for edges calculation and silouhette extrusion.

[ v2.0.8 ]

  • Fix point distance attenuation bug in sio2Debug causing the touche point to appear very small.
  • New sio2SocketGetIp function to retrieve the device IP addresses on a network.
  • New sio2StreamLoad function that enables you to load directly a in-memory buffer to an SIO2stream.
  • New tutorial to demonstrate SIO2socket functionalities.

[ v2.0.9 ]

  • Error fix on some LUA wrapper functions.
  • Fix SIO2lamp directional bug.
  • SIO2_LAMP_CONSTANT_ATTENUATION is now adjusted automatically.
  • Workflow optimization when using _btTriangleMesh as physic object.
  • Fix bounding sphere radius precision problem.

[ v2.0.10 ]

  • SIO2 Maya Exporter.
  • SIO2url stream buffer fix.
  • Fix SIO2window delta time clamp, now clamped at 0.000001f ~ 1.0f
  • SIO2 Port to GL Desktop. (for Mac App Store).

[ v2.0.11 ]

  • Countless little bug fix that affect better performance and stability.
  • Revision of Tutorials and SDK updates.
  • SDK Port to XCode 4.
  • SIO2 Maya 2011 Exporter compatibility.
  • SIO2 Blender 2.56a Exporter & Manual
  • SIO2 3ds Max Exporter & Manual
  • API documentation updates.

[ v2.0.12 ]

  • Full Android Port.
  • Fix memory leak in SIO2objectphysic when using triangle mesh.
  • SIO2 can now be used for Stand-Alone Application on Windows.

[ v2.0.12a ]

  • More Android device supported.
  • MacOS port fix of sio2WindowGetScreenRatio and sio2WindowGetAspectRatio.
  • MacOS fix certificate location for non-root users.

[ v2.0.13 ]

  • Authentication fix.
  • Minor bug fix & improvements.
  • More Android device supported.